Is 4GB RAM Enough for Laptop Gaming to Power your Experience?

In today’s day and the world where technology is expanding at an alarming rate, the minimum requirement for gaming laptops is also skyrocketing. In previous years, when technology was not as advanced as now, 4 GB RAM was considered enough for laptop gaming. If we talk about now, do you think is 4GB RAM enough for laptop gaming?

However, with the increase in the quality of the games, 4 GB soon started to lose its luster in the gaming world. It’s because of its below-par performance compared to the higher RAM in the market. Hence, whenever people or gamers visited a showroom selling laptops, the first question in everyone’s mouth was, is 4 GB RAM enough for laptop gaming?

Besides, those people with a budget for purchasing a gaming laptop started to ask this question increasingly. Gaming laptops are also expensive compared to office laptops that don’t support gaming. Due to some extra features, gaming laptops are premium in price, and with the increase in RAM, cost increases to a much higher level. 

Depending upon the rate at which gaming laptops are advancing. The games that are available in the market keep expanding. The minimum requirement for laptop gaming is 8 GB RAM. 4 GB RAM will allow you to play a limited category of games. Still, if you want to extend your genre, then 8 GB is the ideal choice for your laptop gaming.  

How much RAM is needed for gaming in 2023?

How much RAM is needed for gaming in 2023?

Nowadays, 16 GB RAM is the minimum for playing high-end games on your gaming laptop. Many games like call of duty warzone, PUBG, valorant, Fortnite, and apex legends require the users to have at least 16 GB RAM. It’s required the bare minimum in order to enjoy a smooth game performance.

Moreover, graphics make the game presentable to you when you are using a 4 GB or 8 GB RAM gaming laptop. Now, even if the game functions in some way, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the graphics and performance of it in any way possible. 

How to upgrade a laptop from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM? 

How to upgrade a laptop from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM? 


Are you an owner of a 4 GB RAM laptop looking to upgrade to 8 GB RAM? Do you need that for better performance in every aspect possible? If yes, then, enlisted are all the steps you need to follow to change the RAM of your laptop. 

Check and verify the RAM in your laptop

Look for changing your laptop’s RAM by visiting the memory usage corner of the device. Here, opt for checking how much memory has been used to date. On checking that, you would come to know the benchmark until your laptop can store memory into it. 

When the RAM is relatively less for your laptop, it will not provide the stability higher ranged RAM laptop would provide its users. A 4 GB RAM laptop would often take lots of time to load. In the end, might respond differently. 

Check for possible upgradation

You might feel disappointed upon hearing it. However, only some gaming laptops allow users to change or bring upgrades to their RAM in any way possible. Some of the devices have their RAM sealed into the motherboard. Now, it restricts the user from changing the RAM and inserting a new one as per their preference. 

In such cases, you should properly verify the model or brand of the laptop. Besides, you must find out whether it would be possible to bring an upgrade to the laptop. Have you still been looking for a source or memory panels in your gaming laptop? Well, try to save time on it. Instead, purchase a new one from the market that satisfies all your requirements. 

Locate and open the memory panels

Do you find the memory panel in your gaming laptop? Well, the time has arrived to finally upgrade the 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM effectively. However, before starting, you would need to switch off the laptop to ensure there is no electrical shock to the user.

You can also sit on the ground as it is a bad conductor of electricity, which would protect you from electrical discharges while working with the laptop. There are always high chances of electricity barging into your body when people choose to work with the components inside an electrical device like a gaming laptop.

After you have taken all the precautions, try to open the memory panels. Now, look for the way it would be possible to put the new memory onto the laptop.

Remove and install the new memory chips

It’s time to remove memory slots present on the backend of your laptop to put the new memory chips in their place. When putting the new modules, ensure you insert them at a 45-degree angle. Moreover, the gold edges face downwards.

After completing it:

  1. Push the memory modules slightly to confirm their tightness inside the memory slots.
  2. Close the memory panels and start your laptop again after some time.
  3. After completing all the above steps, visit your laptop’s task manager or memory usage tab. Here, check if the upgrade has been successfully installed. 


Well, many programmers also like to play laptop games. But they also use laptop for programming so for all the programmers or beginners you have to consider that is 4GB RAM enough for laptop for programming.

Ultimately, it all depends upon the games you choose on your gaming laptop. If you want to enjoy playing many different games on your laptop without facing any barriers, then upgrade your device with the highest RAM category. Hopefully, after reading this article, the answer to the question is 4GB RAM enough for laptop gaming.

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