How To Connect Ps4 Controller? An Ultimate Guide To Fix The Issue (2023)

PlayStation 4’s controller PS4 is the DualShock 4, which is reasonably equivalent to the DualShock 3.

But it comes with various exciting features. So if you can get a chance to buy one, it will surely make your friends jealous!

There lies a great deal of confusion regarding how to connect PS4 controller to other devices.

So, worry not! This article is curated to answer all your questions regarding how to connect PS4 controller. Hence, stay tuned to know more.

How To Connect A Ps4 Controller To An iPhone?

You can easily connect your PS4 to iOS 13 or the later versions. Bluetooth pairing helps you connect your PS4 controller to your iPhone. Thus, if you want to know How to connect a ps4 controller to an iPhone, follow the steps mentioned below to combine your gaming hero effortlessly.

Step1: Go to the ‘setting‘ option

First, you need to go to the settings of your iPhone.

Step2: Turn on ‘Bluetooth

After reaching the settings, you will find the ‘Bluetooth’ option in your iPhone. Usually, Bluetooth is on. But if you find it switched off somehow, turn it on by tapping it.

Step3: Open Bluetooth menu

Clicking on ‘Bluetooth‘ will open the menu box. Don’t close the menu. Keep it open, as you will see your PS4 controller on that menu.

Step4: Take your PS4 controller

Now, you will have to take your PS4 controller and press both the buttons – the Share buttons and PlayStation together. Also, it would help if you kept pressing those buttons till you see the light flashing on your PS4.

Step5: Go back to the Bluetooth menu.

After noticing the flashing light on your controller, go back to the Bluetooth menu of your iPhone, which should be open already. Under the section named ‘other devices,’ you will notice ‘DualShock 4 wireless controller’ popping up. Tap on it to pair both the devices.

Step6: Check out the light on the controller

The light on the PS4 in the back of the device will stop flashing and turn into a pinkish-red color when you pair it with another device. We hope this answered your question on how to connect ps4 controller to iPhone.

How To Connect The Ps4 Controller To USB?

If you’re struggling with connecting your PS4 controller to the PS4 wirelessly, the easiest way to solve this problem is to use a USB cable. MicroUSB cable, which is primarily used to charge the controller, comes along with the controller.

If you are wondering about How to connect ps4 controller to USB, consider trying the following steps. They will help you to connect the PS4 controller to USB to link it with the PS4.

Step1: First, turn on your PS4.

Step2: Check if the MicroUSB cable is attached to the PS4 firmly. Then insert its other end into the PS4 controller.

Step3: Wait until the PS4 controller is charged. Let it charge fully for 30 to 60 minutes.

Step4: After charging it fully, press the PlayStation button on your PS4 controller. Press the button down until you hear a ‘beep.’ This sound indicates that both devices are paired.

Note: – If you cannot connect your PS4 controller to the PS4 via USB, use another MicroUSB cable.

How To Connect Ps4 Controller To PC USB?

PS4 DualShock 4 controller allows you to connect it with your PC. It will be exciting for you to get the ultimate gaming experience through your personal computer.

You can either use a MicroUSB cable or Bluetooth to link up the controller to your PC. But the most hassle-free method of connecting the PS4 controller with your PC is through a micro USB cable. So, if you are thinking about How to connect ps4 controller to Pc USB, follow the below mentioned steps –

Step1: Check for the USB port on the front of the PS4 controller and plug in the small end of the cable.

Step2: Find another USB port in your computer and insert the bigger end of that cable.

Step3: Now, both of the devices are connected. If you are a Windows 10 user, go to the start button and click on settings.

Step4: After clicking on ‘settings,’ choose ‘devices’ and the3n click on ‘Bluetooth and other devices.

Step5: You will be able to see the ‘wireless controller.’ Then hit on it and select ‘pair.’ And Voila! So, now you know how to connect ps4 controller to Pc USB.

How To Connect To The Ps4 Without Another Controller?

The PS4 is very simple to use. You can connect to it without using a controller. It allows you to connect multiple devices, such as a keyboard and mouse. Many players swear upon the ease of using a keyboard and mouse for gaming. So, if you are wondering about How to connect ps4 controller without another controller, follow the below mentioned steps.

Step1: Find a USB port on the PS4 and plug in your device to it.

Step2: After recognizing the device, the PS4 will want to know which profile you would like for pairing the specific device with it.

Step3: You will have to choose a particular profile.

Step4: Then, at last, pair with the device.

Connecting a Bluetooth or wireless mouse or keyboard is extremely uncomplicated too. All you need to do is –

Click on the ‘D- pad’ option, which will be present on the home screen of the PS4, and choose the ‘navigation menu.’
Open the ‘settings’ after that and find ‘devices.’
Enter or select ‘Bluetooth devices’ and wait for some time while your PS4 scans all the nearest Bluetooth devices.
After the PS4 recognizes the Bluetooth device you want to pair with, select the profile you are willing to sync with the device.

So, these are the steps that will connect Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with your PS4.

How To Connect A Ps4 Controller To Steam?

For pairing up your PS4 controller to steam with the steam link, you will have to know these steps –

Via another wired input device, select the ‘settings.’
At the same time, take your PS4 controller and press the ‘share button’ along with ‘PlayStation’ and keep pressing them until it turns on the light.

The light indicates that your PS4 controller is now ready to pair up with other devices.

In the Bluetooth device list, search for ‘wireless controller’ and type ‘gamepad.’
After that, click on the (A) for pairing with the controller.

So, now you know How to connect a PS4 controller to steam.

Final Thoughts

Using the PS4 or the PS4 controller is a piece of cake. Anyone can access them. But if you are a new gamer, you must invest time in gathering knowledge about their functions and connectivity.

This guide will help you know everything about the wired or wireless connectivity your PS4 and the controller can offer you. So, check the connectivity and start gaming!

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