Gaming Laptop Vs School Laptop: What Is The Difference?

Are you a gamer? Ever thought that can gaming laptops be used for school? Well, every gamer has this question in mind. That is why, we have written this article to clarify this query of yours. 

The type of work you will be using the laptop for will determine whether you should get a gaming laptop or a school laptop. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, in the end, the user’s needs determine the type of laptop that should be purchased.

In this article, we are going to tell you a detailed difference between Gaming laptop and School laptop. So, read this guide till the end. 

Gaming Laptop: Overview

Gaming Laptop: Overview


Gaming laptops are one of the most demanded and one of the best high-quality powerful laptop devices which is mostly used for video editing and gaming. These programmes strain a laptop’s hardware to the breaking point. 

Gaming laptops are specifically made for gamers and video editors and mostly gamers and social media influencers buy these kinds of laptops as they are very expensive but provide amazing quality. 

They are fundamentally the same as ordinary or business laptops, but they have a tonne of enhanced capabilities that make all the difference and let users play games.

School Laptop: Overview

School Laptop: Overview


A laptop computer that has been specifically created for use by children in a learning environment is known as a School laptop. These laptops are often portable, lightweight, and durable, making them perfect for usage in the classroom or when traveling.

School Laptops often come with a variety of features that are made to satisfy the requirements of both students and teachers. 

One of the main advantages of a school laptop is that it enables students to complete assignments and access learning materials whenever and wherever they choose.  In the current digital era, where many students are expected to complete coursework and take part in online learning activities outside of the conventional classroom setting, this is especially crucial. 

Can Gaming Laptops be used for School: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Device

Can Gaming Laptops be used for School: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Device


Well, to answer this question, I will say that Gaming laptops are good to use for school as they are ordinary laptops but with very high quality software and hardware. So, your work will also finish rapidly. 

But still, I will give some tips for choosing the perfect device for your school. We hope these tips will help you choose the perfect device: –

  • You have to consider the Processor of the laptop:- Seeks for a laptop with a strong processor, like an AMDRyzen 7 or 9 or an Intel Core i7 or i9. A speedier CPU is better able to manage multitasking and demanding applications. 
  • Consider the Storage: – This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a laptop. A laptop should have at least 512 GB or higher. Also, check if the laptop consists of an SSD so that it works faster.
  • Check the Device’s RAM: – When you are purchasing a laptop, always look for at least 16GB of RAM in a laptop before buying it so that you can do multiple projects and work on multiple tabs if your school work is more. 
  • Choose High-Quality Display: – Buy a laptop that provides you a High-Quality display because you might study subjects that require color accuracy or high resolution. Buy a laptop with at least a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). 

So, if you consider these tips while buying a gaming laptop for school, then you will be able to perfectly do your school work and also play games in your free time. 

Comparison between Gaming Laptops and School Laptops

ComparisonGaming LaptopSchool Laptop
ProcessorGaming Laptops are high in performance with several cores and faster processing rates. A gaming laptop has more cores than a school laptop has. These processors are therefore perfect for school work. 
GPUGaming Laptops typically come with a Nvidia geforce or another top-tier graphics card to help with tasks that require graphics. A built-in graphics card that is integrated into the central processing unit is standard equipment for school laptops.
KeyboardGaming laptops have robust keyboards that can withstand the strain of playing games. School laptop keys are quite sensitive and ideal for typing because of this. 
PortabilityDue to their larger weight and more robust components, gaming laptops can be a little challenging to transport.School Laptops are portable because they are slim and light and you can easily carry them to your school for your work. 
DurabilityThe way a laptop is treated truly affects how long it will last. Nonetheless, gaming laptops typically live longer than school laptops since they have powerful and high-quality components. The way a laptop is treated truly affects how long it will last. Yet, compared to gaming laptops, school laptops last less time. 
RateGaming laptops are costlier than School laptops as they provide more functions and more high-quality features than School laptops. The starting price of Gaming laptops is around USD 700. School Laptops are less costly than Gaming laptops because they provide basic features which is enough for you to do school work. The starting price of School laptops is around USD 400. 

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Gaming laptops and School laptops have two distinct uses. The common factor between the two that distinguishes both these laptops are their Hardware. 

Gaming Laptops include a lot of extra hardware that is not present in a standard computer. A gaming laptop’s additional hardware components allow it to perform graphics-intensive tasks like playing high-resolution video games, simulating virtual reality, designing graphics etc. These are difficult activities that a school laptop cannot handle.

School Laptops, however, function flawlessly despite lacking the powerful components seen in gaming laptops. School laptops are typically used for school work including Powerpoint presentation,  word processing, attending online classes and making presentations. These tasks may be completed quite effectively on School laptops. 

So, it depends completely on the task you want to do. If you are a professional gamer and just want to play games, then you can buy a gaming laptop, and if you want to do school work, then you can buy a school laptop. It’s as simple as that. 

We hope this article helped you to clarify the doubt can gaming laptops be used for school? 

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