How to Upload Voice Recording to Instagram Story (Step by Step)

Your Instagram Story will come to life and add vibes and emotions if you include your favorite audio in it. Now-a-days it’s a trend adding voice on Instagram stories, without a song, the story seems incomplete.

If you are unaware of how to upload a Voice Recording to Instagram Story, this article is for you. 

Let’s make some noise together! 

We all have heard that a single picture is worth a thousand words. So, apply the same voice recording that matches with your personality. 

Instagram is there with the high-end feature where you can upload your voice recording, audio and music of your choice. 

There are a total of 3000+ songs with 170 genres. You can easily shoot, upload, and edit the things as per your choice.

Do you want to update your voice on your Instagram story? If yes then let’s check the content below and find the answers to several questions such as.

How to Add Your Own Voice Recording with Photo or Video to Instagram STORY: 

If you guys want to update voice recording, audio or music then you can fix the voice recording or audio to the picture from the gallery. Several applications help you in doing this. It’s an easy thing to do. You just select the picture then audio then apply the recording on it.

Once your audio & video clip gets prepared, you have to open your Instagram account and visit the ‘add story’. After that, you reach the gallery and select the clip of your voice and audio recording that you have prepared to update on your Instagram story.

How to Add Voiceover to Instagram Story

How to Add Voiceover to Instagram Story


Instagram stories, unlike Reels, don’t allow you to add narration after filming.You have to remember that you record the video narration. To add some interest, you can use the voice changer.

  • Open Instagram on your Phone or other mobile device and select your profile. Choose the story option when the camera appears.
  • Find the search option by looking through the filters. To activate this feature, type Voice Effects into this box. 
  • At this point, you can choose the voice effect you want to use when recording your voice.
  • Once, you have added the voice effect, you can start recording a story and you can also record your voice. 

How to Post a Voice Memo To Instagram Story

How to Add Voice Memo To Instagram Story


You cannot post a Voice Memo to Instagram Story. But some people can add voice memos as videos. 

  • There is not a single method for sharing a Voice memo on Instagram.
  • Voice Memos can now be posted as videos by some users.
  • Some have simply posted a copy of the note using the app’s text capability. 
  • In the end, everything comes down to the user’s account settings and available alternatives.

How to Create a Clip with your Audio and Voice Recording?

There are limitless audio clips, voice recording and music exist but not all the songs are available on Instagram. 

If you want to upload something which is not available but you have the same content then it’s not that much difficult to upload. Here you just need to use some applications that help you to add your audio recording, music, for Instagram, all this will become possible. 

Let’s check about the applications that help you to upload voice recording to Instagram Story:

Best Applications to add Audio to Video or Photos for Instagram Story

1. Wavve (Share Your Audio on Social Media in Style)

Wavve (Share Your Audio on Social Media in Style)


Wavve is one of the biggest desktop apps that helps your podcast to turn into animated videos, and picture audio clips and makes it appropriate to upload on social media.

2. Anchor (The easiest way to make a podcast)


As a podcast, Anchor is one of the easiest apps that help you in uploading your podcast on Instagram’s story. It becomes all possible by creating the video highlights on which you can select your audio recording from your phone storage and upload your story.

3. Audiogram (Turn audio into engaging social Video)

Audiogram (Turn audio into engaging social Video)


One of the most preferred apps to convert the voice recording into an audio clip because Audiogram helps in adding your voice recording to the Instagram story.

If you want something more than you can go for the video maker applications. Using such applications will create the video of your pictures and you can directly upload the video into your Instagram story without facing any hustle.

The above discussing way is the best to upload recording and audio without using a sticker. If the sound and audio clip is available then you can use the following process and put music to your photos and videos to the Instagram stories.

Step 1: Open the Instagram story, put photos into it.

Step 2: After selecting the photos click on the sticker option and open it

Step 3: There are several stickers and options available, one of them is music that is available there, you have to select the option.

Step 4: After doing so this will appear on your image and now what you have to do is to find the song that you want to apply to your photo.

Step 5: when you will find the song just click on the ok, then upload your image with your lovable song on your Instagram story.

Hope with the above content you will be able to find out the way of uploading the voice recording, podcast, and other audio clips to your Instagram stories. 

Here we have shared with you every method of upload voice recording on the Instagram stories. You can choose the one you find easy and soothing. 

All the methods are time-saving, even it can be done within minutes. So now don’t let your mind think that, why can’t I add music to my Instagram story, because you can do it easily with the help of the above-mentioned ways.


So, this is how you can Upload Voice memo to Instagram Story. Now-a-days, Instagram is the most used application due to its multiple features like reels, and others.

Hence, people who regularly upload stories and want to know how to add a voice on your story, you can refer to our article and follow these steps to know how you can add it. 

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