Why Laptop is heating too much: 3 Key Reasons & Solutions

In today’s time, no work can be done without a laptop. When we go to the office after getting ready in the morning, open the laptop and it starts overheating for a while, then we start thinking why laptop is heating too much, isn’t it?

Like the majority of advanced technologies, laptops are getting decreasing in size every year. Well, reducing the size does not affect the performance as it has become a trend that the smaller and slimmer the gadget, the higher its demand. Every brand provides some new features in their product with the new launch. Brands try their best to ensure that their products don’t cause any problem to the customers and works smoothly for them but such high-performance machines have one issue that can occur anytime which is Overheating. You may have observed that your laptop becomes warmer than usual rather frequently. It might be a major problem if it overheats to the point where it becomes difficult to use and its performance suffers. So, are you facing the same laptop overheating problem? Don’t worry! In this article, we will tell you 3 key reasons and solutions to fix this issue.

Why Laptop is heating too much

Laptop is heating too much
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Your laptop may be overheating due to a variety of reasons. To begin with, check to see if your laptop is located in an area with a high room temperature. It is reasonable to anticipate that the laptop will overheat in such a scenario. The laptop is sensitive to heat if you use it in a room with insufficient air circulation.

The air exhaust ports on the laptop may also be obstructed, which would restrict airflow and cause problems with overheating. Also, you should make sure that you are using your original charger because if you are using some other charger then it can also be the reason your laptop is heating too much. You might have opened an application that is running in the background and using a lot of processing power which can be another factor. 

3 Key Reasons & Solutions to fix this issue

Laptop is a piece of machinery that can give problems anytime. But every problem has a solution. So let’s see what the reasons why your laptop is overheating are and its solution.

  1. Look for damage on the wire

Your laptop is a complicated machine with intricate bits and components. There is a possibility that some elements could sustain wear and tear if it is overheating. You have to check the wire on your laptop if it is burnt or tear apart or not.

Solution: – In case if you find that your wire is damaged, then there’s no other solution rather than replacing it or changing it. In case you don’t want to replace or change it, then you can get it fixed temporarily but there’s no guarantee that it won’t give the same issue again.

  • Clean up the laptop’s dust to ensure effective airflow

Now-a-days, CPU fans are typically found in laptops to guarantee optimum cooling in comparison to gadgets like Mobile phones; a laptop is more likely to accumulate dust over time. Initially, you should check if there is dust collected in the air vents or not, if it is, then this is the reason why your laptop is causing the overheating issue.

Solution: – You can use a soft brush to clean the vents if it contains dust. A can of compressed air can also be used. Clean the laptop dust properly without damaging any components. Your laptop will start working smoothly and the overheating issue will be resolved if you done this procedure carefully.

  • You can use a laptop cooling pad
 Using Laptop cooling pad
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Even though your laptop has an inbuilt cooling fan to cool the CPU, but you can still purchase a cooling pad which will help your laptop stay cooler while charging? To assist the laptop function as intended, a cooling pad offers additional cooling support. When you buy a laptop cooling pad, make sure you buy it branded and which is compatible with your laptop.

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Is it clear now why laptop is heating too much?

In most cases laptop overheats when the laptop is overcharged or there is a problem with your battery. Many times even the air vents in the laptop do not get proper cooling. So if you are facing all the problems then you can follow the above given solution.

We hope that the solutions we provided above have assisted you in determining the problems causing your laptop to heat too much. It is simpler to prevent the laptop from overheating and harming the hardware once you have a better understanding of the actual problem. By following the solutions given above, your laptop will be fixed and won’t cause you any problem in future.


Q: – Why do some websites make my laptop overheat?

A: – The websites make your laptop overheat because either they contain a lot of graphics and using a lot of resources which is making your laptop to heat too much.

Q: – Can overheating damage laptop?

A: – Well, in most cases it doesn’t damage your laptop. But sometimes it can cause internal damage to your laptop.

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