Easiest way to Download Youtube Videos (2021 SELECTIVE)

YouTube has the most efficient videos varying in different niches. It has helped a lot of young minds in gaining knowledge and building up their careers.

People have also chosen it as a platform to earn a good income by being an influencer and posting regular content on their website. Although there are many such fantasies that YouTube still can’t fulfill, and one of them is downloading the videos for offline use. So in this video, I will write about the most popular easiest ways to download youtube videos. 

YouTube has built-in features but it’s paid and only available for premium subscribers. Also, there are many third parties apps, websites available to download free youtube videos for Android, laptops, and other devices.

These features remain very easy to use; you need to download the right application and then you can easily download and save your favorite videos.

Download Youtube Video on Android

Downloading YouTube videos on Android for the offline purpose to watch it later is pretty much more accessible. When traveling on a plane without a Wi-Fi or net connection, then this could be useful to you. 

Although the official YouTube App also allows downloading the videos and music while making it save as EXO files, there is also a free YouTube video downloader available, which one can try. 

Now sit back and enjoy youtube videos on mobile.

Save Videos on YouTube Premium

Videos on YouTube Premium

One can get a premium paid subscription for YouTube and download the videos. You can also go for a trial period, which will facilitate you with other features. To save your favorite videos on your Android phone, start with launching the YouTube app, which you wish to download. 

  1. Now tap on the video and choose the download option; 
  2. proceeded by selecting the video quality options i.e., 720p or 360p.
  3. Select the medium one i.e., 360p, and the OK button will appear for the premium members.

For downloading videos with the help of a third-party app, consider the following-

Download Youtube Video with Tubemate App

Download Youtube Video with Tubemate App

This third party app allows you to download videos from many other streaming devices, including YouTube.

  1. Start with downloading TubeMate from the APK file. This application won’t be available on Google play store. 
  2. Now open the app and search for the relative video you are willing to download, followed by tapping on the download icon. 
  3. Now select the video quality you want to download while tapping on the red download icon. 
  4. Tap on the white download icon present at the bottom of the app, and you will find the offline video. 
  5. Now you can move the video in a new location or choose to rename and delete it. You can also extract the audio from the following video.

Download Youtube Video on laptop

There are plenty of reasons why one wants to download YouTube videos on their PC. From the cute little videos to a motivational story you want to store in your collections, or the entire movie posted by someone. It’s easy to save these on your Windows PC with the help of third-party applications, and one such is Getvideo.org

Download Youtube videos using Getvideo.org

Download Youtube videos using Getvideo.org

This website Downloads YouTube videos on your PC or android device. You can also use this application with the help of a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Once you visit Getvideo.org, you need to enter the YouTube link, which you want to download from the browser into the Getvideo.org URL field. 

The video would be saved by default as an MP4 in your C:\Users\[yourname]\Documents folder. 

Later, you can change the video’s location by clicking on the folder next to “Save to.”

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Download YT Video on iPhone

How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone with YTD Downloader App

ytd video downloader

YouTube has strict policies about downloading the videos. It has also blocked many famous plugins from the site which supported downloading the videos. 

YouTube has strict policies about downloading the videos. It has also blocked many famous plugins from the site which supported downloading the videos. 

  • Step 1: To download the videos from YTD downloader, install the YTD downloader in your iphone device.
  • Step 2: Open Youtube in pp safari and copy the URL of video you want to be downloaded followed by selecting the video quality.
  • Step 3: Paste the URL of the video you want to be downloaded followed by selecting the video quality in YTD downloader.
  • Step 4: Select the location where you want your downloaded video to be saved and click on ‘Download’.
  • Step 5: Now click on download or download as, and then the video will be saved in the app. 

To keep the video on your phone, please tap on the video, stretch it to the bottom of the screen, and then click on the video icon and save it to the camera roll option.

Download on Mac 

To begin with, Launch EaseUS MobiMover and go to a video downloader. Now choose the YouTube video you want to download for the computer. The next step is to copy the URL of the video and paste it in on the bar while taping on the download button.

EaseUS MobiMover youtube video downloader

Download Youtube videos on the laptop with chrome

Visit the online video downloader in chrome or on windows 7. Now copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download from the address bar and click on download. 

If, by chance, you are redirected to another page, switch back to go on the original site. You have to choose to download the video with or without the sound, followed by the video quality you prefer. 

Once the downloading process completes, it would be saved on the download folder.


For those, who are always wondering about adding their favorite YouTube videos in their collection! It’s just one tap distance from you. No matter which device you want the video to be downloaded in, our article will guide you.

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