Why Does My Laptop Fan Make So Much Noise When Charging?

Laptops are not dead silent. They are deemed to make a bit of noise. But that noise is usually not audible enough to make you uncomfortable or worried.

There might be a serious issue if your laptop make so much noise when plugged in. But don’t panic. Identify the noise of the fan. Is it too loud, like grinding or whizzing? Or is it slightly buzzing? The light buzz can be due to heavy usage from your end.

Another reason your laptop fan makes noise when plugged in can be the games you’re playing in the system. However, In today’s guide, we will provide solutions of why does a laptop fan make so much Noise when Charging

Let’s Dive into it!

#1 Your System might be on High-Performance Mode:

As soon as you plug in your laptop, the fan might become super active. The core reason for it to behave like that is because of the high-performance mode where the brightness is too high and so is the laptop’s resolution.

Usually, you need such power plan mode when you are playing HD or 8K quality games on your laptop. If that’s not the case, you can always change the power plan.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Type “Power plan” or “Choose a power plan” in your current laptop’s taskbar.

Power plan

Step 2:
Click “Choose a power plan” in the search results.

A window opens up. See which plan your gaming laptop is on currently.

Window 10 or above laptops will show you two options: Dell and Balanced mode. Both have the same description as seen in the image below (Step 3).

Step 3:
Click “Change plan settings” given on the right side of either of the plans.

select plan

Step 4:
You get the Display duration options under the “Plugged in” section ranging from 1 minute to never.

If you choose “Never” as an option, it definitely impacts the health of the fan. It will continue to make noise.

change plan setting

However, to work on the power-saving mode rather than the higher-performance mode, you have to use less display time. Thus, it’s best to choose anything between 5-20 minutes when plugged in.

Step 5:
Click “Save Changes” to finalize the customized laptop battery– and power-saving plan from your end.

#2 Dust must be Clogged in the Fan of your Laptop:

When we don’t often clean the laptop, dust collects itself in the motherboard and other areas of the laptop. It includes the section where the laptop fan is placed. And if there’s too much dust, the fan cannot work for higher and better performance when the system is plugged in with the charger.

But while learning why does my laptop fan make so much noise when charging, note that you can clean the system a bit manually.

Follow these Steps:

  • Hold your laptop without being plugged in horizontally. Shake it a bit. You will see a major chunk of dust coming out of different spaces from the laptop.
  • You should take the help of a laptop or computer expert. They have the right tools to unscrew and screw back the laptop to clean the fan properly.

However, if you are a certified laptop expert, you know what you got to do to unscrew the laptop for cleaning the laptop fan.

#3 It could be the Charger that’s causing the Battery Issues:

While learning how to stop your laptop fan making so much noise when you plug it in, note that even a charger can be a big issue. To resolve that, follow certain quality check steps.

Step 1:
Identify if there is any hole or similar signs in your charger cable. The cable must be intact, and you must not see any other colorful cables coated with the black above. If you see at any point, the cable must be torn or out of order, get it changed.

Step 2:
Try to plug the charger cable into other laptops. See if other laptops start making noise in a while or not.
If other laptops are buzzing with a sound, too, it is a valid point that there is something wrong with the charging cable.

In this case, your laptop fan might not be an actual problem.

#4 Your Battery might have Major Performance Issues:

When you’re connecting your laptop to the charger and its fan starts to make terrible noises, the battery too can be a problem. To check that, follow the steps.

connecting your laptop

Step 1:
Remove the battery after you unscrew the battery panel. Follow this step only after switching off the laptop and not letting it be connected to the charger at this point.

Step 2:
Plug in the cable with the laptop.

Step 3:
Switch on your laptop system. Now, check whether the laptop fan is still making some noise or not.

If, by chance, it has stopped making weird noises, you know that the battery was the main problem. Ultimately, you either buy a new one or get it repaired from certified laptop professionals and service centers if there’s still any scope.

Other miscellaneous reasons for the laptop to make buzzing noises when plugged in:

Most of the reasons stated below need a deep quality check. Thus, you would need an IT or laptop professional’s assistance to solve everyday problems related to “why does the fan in my laptop make so much noise?” queries.

These other common reasons are:

#5 There must be something wrong with the Motherboard:

Whenever you’re playing entertaining and engaging games, quite often, you play them for long hours. During this period, you forget to put your laptop on “Restart,” “Sleep,” or “Hibernate” mode. Then, at times, you don’t even shut it down for a few days!

This user behavior leads to overuse of the battery, laptop fan, and overall motherboard capabilities.

Eventually, you will need to change either of the hardware items of your laptop.

#6 You are using Software and Games which your Laptop does not support:

If you’re a true gamer, you love to play high-resolution games often. But that tragically impacts the performance of your laptop in the long run. It makes the laptop fan make a buzzing noise more than ever. That’s because neither the laptop RAM nor the graphic card is powerful enough to support the long hours of the gameplay you expect from the system.

You either need a better graphic card, increased RAM, or an improved laptop. Either way, your selection must not hamper the battery performance.

Otherwise, the laptop fan will bear the burden. And when it does, it continues to make terrible noises that hamper your focus all the time.

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Gamers’ queries like “why does the fan in my laptop make so much noise” can have multiple answers. Most of the issues you can find above in this guide. If you feel that it’s still not solving your problem, better consult the verified and certified retailer or manufacturer of your laptop. Additionally, it is the best time to get your gaming laptop repaired if it’s under warranty period. Also if you having issues in your laptop performance when plugged in checkout our solution guide to make it fixed.

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